sock has been developed for ensuring a perfect harmony of the foot and the shoe.


Functional carbon underwear designed for active people who know how important the comfort of dry body is.


Gent's Mikina of excellent material Power Strech. It perfectly adheres to the body, it is elastic in all directions.

T-shirts man

All 100% cutton t-shirts with numerous colors and shapes. Choose the right one for you.


100% cutton hoodies, Sporty hoodies in different colors and shapes. Choose the right one for you.

Climbing pants

Specially deisgned climbing pants, made from cutton, lycra and spandex for additional stratch


Breeches serving not only the riders in their precise and comfortable style.


High-performance jacket will come in handy while practicing the most demanding outdoor sports.

Long pants

Technically constructed long pants, which is suitable for every climber.